Merseyside Live Steam & Model Engineers

We are a small model engineering club whose main aim is to put smiles on the faces of Liverpool children sometime around or after 2pm on a Sunday. We do this with the help of our miniature railway, which is at the northern end of Calderstones Park in Liverpool. The club has two battery electric locomotives, Harthill and Casper, which are regularly augmented by members' own locos, some of which are live steam. Rides are free, although donations are gratefully accepted. The clubhouse has been converted from a barn by Liverpool Conversions, and the roof put on by our Local Liverpool Roofers.

MLS&ME also meets for maintenance and other social activities on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm in the clubhouse, which is in the middle of our 600 foot track. Actually, there are two tracks, one at ground level (dual 5" and 7¼" gauge) and the other elevated (dual 3½" and 5" gauge). The ground level track is a simple circular loop, whilst the elevated track has been extended into a shape something more like russian doll!

New members of all ages are always welcome; just come along on a Sunday or Wednesday, or alternatively contact Paul Jones on (0151) 737 1438.

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